How Big is 1 Foot? Definition and Examples.

1 foot is a unit of length in the customary system of measurement that is equal to 12 inches.

You may want to think of 1 foot as the average length of a human foot because this is how it was originally defined.

1 foot

However, unless you really have big feet, it is not likely that your foot will have a length of 12 inches.

Things around your house that measure 1 foot or 12 inches.

  • Height of a two-liter soda bottle is approximately 1 foot or 12 inches
Height of a two-liter soda bottle is 12 inches.
  • The length (longest side) of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is approximately 6 inches. Therefore, the length of two Samsung Galaxy Note 4s is approximately 12 inches.

  • The length of an adult's forearm from the elbow to the wrist is approximately 12 inches.

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