What is an Apex in Math? Definition and Examples

What is an apex in math? The apex is either the vertex that is located at the highest point or the highest point of a geometric figure. The figure below shows apexes for the cone and the pyramid.

Apex of a geometric figure

In the figure above, the pyramid has 5 vertices. However, the apex is the vertex located at the highest position.

The cone does not technically have a vertex if we strictly apply the definition of vertex. However, it has a highest point called apex. Mathematicians and math textbooks also like to call the highest point of a cone "vertex". 

Notice that the plural form of apex is apexes or apices. 

You may see geometric figures that appear to have more than 1 apex such as  the rectangular prism. However, apex applies only to geometric figures that will yield only 1 apex to avoid ambiguity. 

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