What is the center of circle? Definition and real-world examples

The center of a circle is a point inside the circle that is located at the same distance from all points on the circle.

In the image below, the center of the circle is shown with a green dot.

Center of a circle

Real-world examples showing the center of a circle

Center of a clock

The shape of a clock is usually a circle. The center of the clock is usually the cap nut that keep the hands of the clock in place. In the image below, the arrow points to the cap nut or the center of the clock.

Center of a circle in real life is the cap nut that keep the hands in place in a clock

Center of a Ferris wheel

Perhaps you have been on a Ferris wheel before in order to get a better view of the city from high up. As you can see in the figure below, it is also shaped like a circle. Again, we use an arrow to show the center of the Ferris wheel or the circle.

Center of a Ferris wheel
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