Chinese tangram

The Chinese tangram is a Chinese mathematical  puzzle made of seven flat shapes called tans. To make a tangram, start with a square like the one you see below. Divide the square into seven pieces.

Square tangram

Then cut the square with a pair of scissors into seven pieces and you will end up with a 7-piece tangram.

What can you do with a 7-piece Chinese tangram?

You can use the 7-piece tangram to make a variety of geometric shapes. Keep in mind that It can be challenging to make a shape with these 7 pieces.

Below we show five things we were able to make with a 7-piece tangram. Can you guess what they are ?

Examples of tangrams

A Chinese tangram or tangram is also the name of any geometric shape made from using all the tans. Therefore, the word tangram can mean two things

  •  The 7-piece geometric shapes shown in blue above

  •  A new shape made with the 7-piece geometric shapes.

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