What are Events in Probability? Definition and Examples

Events in probability
 can consist of 1 or more outcomes. Suppose you throw a die. If you roll a specific number such as the number 2, you end up with only one outcome.

However, if you focus your attention on rolling a number less than 4, you will end up with more than 1 outcome.

Rolling a number less than 4: {1, 2, 3}

Other Examples of Events When Rolling a Die

  • Rolling an odd number: {1, 3, 5}
  • Rolling an even number: {2, 4, 6}
  • Rolling a number greater than 3: {4, 5, 6}
  • Rolling a prime number: {2, 3, 5}
  • Rolling a number divisible by 3: {3, 6}

Some Events When Playing with a Deck of 52 Cards

  • Drawing a face card 
  • Drawing a face card and a king
  • Drawing an ace
  • Drawing an ace of clubs
  • Drawing an 8 or a 7
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