What is a factor pair ? Definition and examples.

A factor pair is a pair of numbers that, when multiplied will result in a given product ( or the same product ).

For example, the factor pairs of 18 are shown below.

Factor pairs of 18

Notice how the product is always 18 or the given number.

Notice also that a factor pair can also include a pair of negative numbers.

Lastly, factor pairs apply only to integers.

Other examples of factor pairs

The factor pairs of 8 are (1,8), (2,4), (-1, -8), and (-2, -4)

The factor pairs of 15 are (1,15), (3,5), (-1, -15), and (-3, -5)

The only factor pairs of 13 are (1, 13) and (-1, -13) since 13 is a prime number.

In fact, any prime number will only have 2 factor pairs.

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