How long is an hour ? Definition and examples.

An hour is a unit of time that is equal to 60 minutes.  It is used in both the customary and metric systems of measurement.

If you wake up everyday at 7:00 AM and you leave your house at 8:00 AM, 1 hour has gone by.

  • The average time it may take to bake a whole chicken weighing 3 pounds is 1 hour.
  • A show on national television usually lasts 1 hour to include commercial.
  • The average time of a class in middle school, high school, or in college is about 1 hour.

24 hours is equal to 1 day.

Hour can also mean a set of appointed time.


Maria's lunch hour with Alfredo is at 1:00 PM.

The train will leave the station at 2100 hours (Military time).

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