Missing addend

A missing addend is the number that is added to a given number in order to get another given number or sum. In the figure below, the given number is 9 and whatever must be added to 9 to get 12 is what we call missing addend.

Missing addend

In the figure above, the missing addend is 3 since 9 + 3 = 12.

More examples about missing addend

Example #1

Suppose you saved 250 dollars to buy a new phone. The new phone costs 600 dollars. How much more money do you need to save to buy the new phone?

Use □ to represent the missing addend.

250 + □ = 600

Since 250 + 350 = 600, the missing addend is 350.

You need 350 dollars more to buy the new phone.

Example #2

A number added to five is -1. What is the number?

Use □ to represent the missing addend.

5 + □ = -1

Since 5 + -6 = -1, the missing addend is -6

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