What is an Obtuse Angle? Definition and Real- Life Examples

An obtuse angle is defined as an angle that measures less than 180 degrees, but more than 90 degrees.

For example, 98 degrees, 175 degrees, 150 degrees, and 90.5 degrees are all examples of obtuse angles.

Obtuse angle

Obtuse Angles in Real-Life

A hanger has an obtuse angle as shown in the image below.

Obtuse angle in hangers

Two blades of a wind turbine form an obtuse angle as shown in red below.

Obtuse angle in a wind turbine

When the time is 9:10 AM on an analog clock the angle formed by the hour hand and the minute hand is an obtuse angle.

Suppose you stand in front of someone who is almost the same height as you. While keeping both feet straight, stand on one foot and raise the other foot until it reaches as high as the person's face. Try not to kick the person! The angle made by your feet is an obtuse angle. 

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