Rate - Definition and Examples

A rate is a ratio that compare numbers or quantities expressed in different units.

For example, suppose 5 people pay 35 dollars to enter an amusement park.

The number of people is one kind of unit and the cost is another kind of unit.

5/35 and 35/5 are rates

5/35 = 1/7 and 35/5 = 7/1

1/7 means 1 person per 7 dollars

7/1 means 7 dollars per person

Three more examples of rates

1. A car travel 160 km every 5 hours. The distance expressed in km is one kind of unit and the time expressed in hours is another kind of unit.

2. A woman walks 18000 steps every 6 days. The number of steps is one kind of unit and the time expressed in days is another kind of unit.

3. A meal at a restaurant has 1200 calories for every 3 servings. The number of calories is one kind of unit and the number of servings is another kind of unit.

When you do ratios for the aforementioned examples, you get rates.


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