What is a dependent event? Definition and real-life example

A dependent event is an event whose outcome is affected by the outcome of a previous event. In other words, dependent events influence each other.

A real-life example of dependent events

Suppose A and B are two events

A = 6000 high-risk drivers had a total of 30000 car accidents in 2022.

B = Number of possible car accidents these 6000 high-risk drivers will have in 2023.

A and B are dependent events unless these high-risk drivers have changed their bad driving habits drastically. Since they are still high-risk drivers in 2023, the number of car accidents they have in 2023 depends on (or is influenced by) the number of car accidents they had in 2022. The number of car accidents is likely to be high.

This the reason that insurance companies make high-risk drivers pay a much higher premium.

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