What is a positive number ? Definition and examples.

A positive number is any number bigger than zero. The following numbers are positive numbers.

Positive numbers

Notice that 0 is neither positive nor negative.

Notice also that when a number is positive, you have a choice to write the number with a positive sign (+) or choose not to write the positive sign.

+5,  +3.14, +5899, and +0.0001

Finally, notice as well that 0.02, +0.04, and +0.0001, although small, are still positive numbers.

There are many real-life situations that can be expressed with positive numbers. Here are some examples.

  • A deposit of 600 dollars can be expressed as +600 or 600
  • A refund of 1500 dollars can be expressed as +1500 or 1500
  • A bonus of 4500 dollars at the end of the year +4500 or 4500
  • The elevation of Mount Everest is +29029 or 29029
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