What is a Triple in Math? Definition and Examples

What is a triple in math? In math, a triple can have either of the following two meanings:

  • A multiplication in which any single number is multiplied the number 3
  • An addition in which the three addends are the same number

For example, 5 + 5 + 5 is a triple and 3 × 6 is also a triple.

A couple of word problems about the meaning of triple in math

Example #1

The capacity of a small movie theater is 140 people. A big movie theater is triple the capacity of the small movie theater. What is the capacity of the big movie theater?

The capacity of the big movie theater is 140 × 3 or 420 people

Example #2

The size of a bedroom is 220 square feet. The size of a living room is triple the size of the bedroom. How big is the living room?

The size of the living room is 3 × 220 or 660 square feet.

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